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Submitted by kalyan123 on Mon, 2009-12-21 07:20.
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nice sounds to enjoy and nice graphics to be used
u can't go beyond the battle field ,and get destroyed

hi.. everyone knows about alawar ..they release a game on alien outbreak 2 invasion, this is a nice game to be played,

In this game u r on a combat invasion by swarms on enemy ship,here as usual the keys may be used as from mouse, mouse to use the spaceship and left and right clicks to use weapons ,these weapons are cool to be used against enemy.

when the mission begins u r facing with enemy ships of size from small and large,these small will dodge u r ship and the big one will blow of u r ship,these facing with this type of enemy and destroying them using the weapons given is nice trick to be implemented ,here there is limitation of game to not run away from the battle field,if u advance from it u r game is over ,its a pretty logic and not convincing in this game,which sometimes it makes game to use accurately and some times it wastes the life.

then finishing the game is a bit of extra effort target to be completed in this game, when u go further and further the game becomes automatically tough and u have to be perfect to target at enemy to get rid of them,there is bonus to be captured when u destroy the enemy to get higher powers to compitete the higher level to finish of the game.

when u get those powers u have a higher power to destroy them in a single click..
this si a nice game to be played and enjoy


childers beware of it,its a nasty one to be played and boys u r going to enjoy it