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Submitted by lawal on Tue, 2009-12-22 07:13.
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The game has good graphics and music.It is fast and acceptable.
There is violence and you cannot use the mouse.

This is another tough war game from Alawar.Your mission is to destroy all the enemy tanks on the battle field by shelling them with your own tank.The game can be played by one or two players and it is only key-board controlled(you cannot use the mouse).In the 1-player game you use the “ctrl” key to fire your shells and the arrow keys to move your tank left,right ,up or down.In the 2-player game the first player uses the above mentioned keys while the second player uses the tab key to fire and A,D,W,S keys to move left,right,up and down respectively.

You can play the game in arcade or extra mode.In the arcade mode you play your game in a fine weather whereas in the extra mode you play in a snowy weather.On the battlefield you have a large number of the enemy tanks to combat,so you have to move pretty fast and most importantly avoid their shells.Two or more tanks can fire their shells at the same time making it pretty difficult to avoid being blown off.

The tanks are very rugged so you have to shell each one two or three times before it will explode.As you destroy more and more tanks lives become available for you to take.If your tank is blown off but you have enough lives you can come back on the field with a new tank and continue the battle.
The music playing in the background is a good match for the game but if you prefer to play it silently you can switch it off in the control panel.


It is a fun game.Very recommended.