Bricks Of Epypt Review

Casual game with bricks, balls, and a paddle

Submitted by propacman93 on Sun, 2007-01-14 05:54.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Acceptable graphics and background music. Partially addicting. Unique designs interesting all ages.
Similar to other games with a ball and paddle. Most likely you will never see the game over screen.

Bricks Of Egypt could easily be mistaken for any other break the blocks games except for the egyptian theme. The sound "ding dong" will what you are hearing while playing. There is really no point to this game unless there are no other games.

The amount of levels can drag people into playing even if it can get mindlessly boring. Controls can be learned without even having to think about it.

Even if you could play a game like this online this one would be a better chose except for the cost of 18$. This game does not deserve to have any sequels.

Overall this game is eligible to be installed on your computer. ArcadeLab could have done better with this game (so it's worth is 18$) and made it more difficult and addicitve so people would buy the game.


This game is more addicitive to children than adults naturally, but it is worthy of being played when you have time.