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Youdagames - Christmasville

Submitted by rumen on Thu, 2009-12-24 19:54.
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Great storyline with funny twists; Entertaining puzzles; Addictive mini-games; Sound effects above average; Graphics is very good; Recommended to kids and may serve as an educational game as well; A wonderful Christmas present for anyone during the holidays;
Sometimes finding small and more obscure objects could be tedious

In Christmasville you take the role of a very successful private detective named Arthur Knight. Shortly after the start of the game, you are visited by the Abominable Snowman himself who wants to hire you to investigate the disappearance of Santa Claus. Being too sceptical to accept this case, you are literally kidnapped and brought to the North Pole to see for yourself and eventually uncover the truth about the missing Santa.

Well, this is the point where your amazing adventure will begin.
The plot in Christmasville is very well written and intriguing and it will unfold slowly in about 80 levels of great fun. Along the way you will be helped by many fantastic creatures like Abominable Snowman, Reindeer, Elf, the polar bear Ear, Psycho the Psychiatrist and many more.

Now about the game mechanics. Christmasville is divided into small levels where you could advance through them after you have completed the tasks and mini games presented in each level. The tasks are pretty much puzzles such as:

-finding the listed objects in the room by clicking on them with the mouse,
-matching the outlines of objects by clicking on their real counterparts,
-solving jigsaw puzzles from different photos( maps, pictures and such),
-solving jumbled letters to form right sentences,
-finding the differences between two identical pictures,
-finding a particular amount of some required object like 10 presents or 15 jars hidden in the room
-and many more.

Basically, all the action is done by your mouse which you will use to navigate around fixed rooms with clickable objects scattered everywhere. You have to pay a lot of attention to even the smallest details as some of the hidden objects are very well placed and hard to spot.

There is a central bar on the top center of your screen which serves as a countdown timer showing the estimated time you have to complete your tasks. In the left top corner of the screen there is a tip button which you could use to get a clue when you are stuck finding some more obscure object.
There is also a goal button to the right which will show you your current task requirements.

Don't think you could find all the scattered objects by just clicking randomly around the room as there is a penalty of 20 seconds for each time you try to cheat. Your time will run out very fast and you will find yourself in trouble.


All in all, this is a wonderful little game that will hold you occupied throughout the Christmas holidays or could be the perfect Christmas gift for your kids or relatives.