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"Governor of Poker" prepares you for the real deal

Submitted by dragospuri on Sat, 2009-12-26 19:37.
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Great poker game, small in size (memory usage), great game-play, funny, you learn a few poker tips (for beginners).
Graphics could be a little bit better but they're just fine. You're not playing for real- money.

Governor of Poker is one of YoudaGames best. It is a poker simulator but not only that. You get to do a lot more. All the action takes place in a classic US western style era.

The sound effects are fantastic. The graphics are great but it's just fine for such a small game (small in memory usage size).

The gameplay is great, the poker difficulty levels are very nicely set, by this I mean that you can really feel the difference between easy, moderate and hard. While on easy you easily get good cards most of the time and the opponents bust quickly on hard it's almost like real-life poker.

If you like poker this is a very addictive game. I started writing this review and I started playing and couldn't stop playing until I finished the trial version (first town only).

The menu is pretty simple but has everything needed, the help is very good, lots of tips, etc.

This game is the first thing after real-life playing and online playing.


I really recommend this game to anyone that has some spare time to waste or simply wants to improve his/her skills in poker.