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Youda Marina, one of the better simulations

Submitted by Techomelet on Wed, 2009-12-30 18:59.
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Unique Style of play
It got a little repetitive

In this game you play the part of the owner of a marina. You must build docks, utilities, and other commodities for your customers.

I have noticed that Youda games creates a variety of simulation games. Thus giving them time to perfect the art. Youda Marina certainly shows this. The graphics are better the most with only a few pixelations here and there. I saw some very nice animations when building items. Sound wise the game has a nice tropical tone.

Game play was interesting, at first I was lost. Luckily there is a very informative walk-through to help you get started with the game. And even after that, a tool tip window will give you information. I found game play to be fun. However it did get a little repetitive (as almost all games do).

I was a little disappointed by the 1GB of RAM needed to play this game, making it only playable on relatively new computers.


ouda games does an excellent job creating a unique simulation style game play. I recommend this game.