Note Pager Pro Review


Submitted by longtrue on Tue, 2007-01-16 10:32.
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useful; wireless helper
appearance is not so nice.

The Note Pager Pro is easy to use, when you finish installation, it prints some guidable steps to help you configure your ystem.Sometimes, i were puzzled about the method of connection, but it tested one by one.At the end, i got it successfully.

It provides many useful features for the wireless word. AS a test, I made a groud, then sent one message to everyone.More amazingly, messages can be preprogrammed.

But, it has some drawbacks. Such as, its apperance is not nice, the gray color is not suitable for such a cute little sofeware.

What is more, it maybe has some bugs. For example, when i tried to add a new receiver but i typed a wrong number, it print out fatal errors and then quit. Usually speaking,in this case, it should print out a message like "number unavailable" and let me try again.


Totally speaking, it is perfect.It can help you a lot if you ignore its ugly looking.