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Guardian Rock, classical puzzle game

Submitted by Techomelet on Fri, 2010-01-01 19:35.
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Pros: Challenging, Fun, cute graphics
Cons: Annoying Music, restart button was difficult to get to.

In Guardian Rock you play as an ancient stone that guards the temples from the intruding explorers. You must move around the 'arena' smashing any explorers that get in your way.

The game its self is quite addictive. To move around you must press the arrow keys which will send you sliding off in one direction until you make contact with another object. Throughout the game more and more 'features' or variations are introduced. Among these are rocks that crumble after making contact with them once, arrows which force you to go a certain direction when you hit them, and spikes. At first the game was not very difficult and I was able to blaze through the levels easily without restarting. As I played later levels I kept on referring to the (R) button which restarted the level. I was content with this but ran into difficulty attempting to find out how to restart. Game play kept me interested. But it also seemed to frustrate me at times. I kept trying and trying to beat the levels.

Graphics: I found the game's cute little graphics nice. Especially the tiny explorers whose stunned faces when they see the rock made me laugh.

Music: Sound wise however was rather annoying. It is not that the music was composed badly, it is that the instrument used was a little too high pitched for me.


Rating: 7/10