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Speech-Over - Professional 4.0

Submitted by ChadVader on Sun, 2010-01-03 22:37.
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Windows Vista compatible Easy to handle
To expensive (299$) useless, does to phew things for the price

Speech-Over Professional 4.0 is a new software from Tuval Software Industries that allows adding professional voice-over to PowerPoint presentations. Speech-Over is great in helping you creating training, web or e-learning presentations.

This is actually an add-on for Microsoft Powerpoint 2007, and it's main purpose is to speak your text. Yes, it doesn't do a lot as you would expect for 299$ (it came as a shock to me too). Of course, any of you can see that this program is not worth 300 bucks, although it comes with 2 voices (a male's named Paul, and a female's named Heather).

Now, in my opinion, this tool is useless. As I observed in PowerPoint 2007 (I use it a lot) you can add sounds, and recording yourself reading or saying something is not that hard. You just need a microphone, and if you don't have one there are technologies that allow you to record your voice through a mobile phone. So tell me, why would anyone pay that money just to read something and add it into your presentation.

Well, as all programs it has some good sides, but again, you can access these facilities through other cheaper or free programs. Here you have the option to control the speed, volume, pitch, delay and emphasis of any of those two voices.

Another good side is that it is easy to handle it, and you find an ample online tutorial on the web.


This is one of those "Must have" software. You just put it in PPT 2007, and it doesn't disturb you with anything. Well, if you have money to spare you should buy it. With this you can become more lazy than you ever been (you don't have to record yourself and make problems that it doesn't sound good). But if you are normal person that cares about his money, avoid this software.