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Farm Frenzy

Submitted by writersplek on Sat, 2010-01-09 19:24.
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It is a lovely game with excellent graphics display giving you the look and feel of nature as it challenges you to carry out your responsibilities as one in charge.
It can be boring because of repetitive tasks

Farm Frenzy is a fun simulation game that needs you to run a farm full of animals. You'll need to take care of geese, cows, cats and dogs to carry out this task.

You will then look after the hens to produce eggs, or create a dairy to sell cheese and dairy products. Unlike Rush Ranch, where we have maximum freedom, here you will simply have to complete individual missions (such as selling a certain number of eggs). Farm Frenzy is also available in a free version, which allows you play only the first 12 levels.

At one time or the other, you may begin to wonder if cows do have a problem with crowd as they die even when there's grass available for them to eat. The size of the crowd matters and if the well you chose to use is the big well, it is important to ensure that there's enough grass for them to eat and there is no much animals on their way. They will be fine. But there will be a problem if you have one star, your cows are hungry and your green field is a bit too faraway and with other animals already there feeding on it. With that said, your cows may die irrespective of the size of the crowd. It has happened in one level or the other.

What makes the game so unique and interesting is that it needs timely execution of most of the tasks to get into the next level, or at least to get what you want. For example, going through row 1 level 6 where I sold 10 geese and the other 5 geese with bears and eggs just to be able to earn $1000. That amount will enable me buy a sheep so I can spin the wool which will provide me the opportunity of getting the gold medal. This is funny, I usually waste more seconds here than necessary often around 2:03 to 2:07 and because of that I couldn't get the medal. You need to beat time to around 2:00 or less to be able to win the gold medal at this stage.

To be available to more than one choice and thinking of which is the best for you to apply to make good use of the opportunity that awaits you. Knowing that a wrong decision will cost you a lot, you won't be ready to give away because it took you so much effort to achieve.

You just don't see your responsibilities as selling your animals and gaining more. Soon enough, you'll find out that your responsibilities are beyond that. You need to feed them so they will survive from starvation. You need to care and protect them from bears which could possibly take your cows from you. That will cost you $100000 to replace if you lose a cow and that's not anything you want to happen because it took so much to achieve that. With all these in mind, caught up with so much time-pressure that could possibly make you to loose focus will stop you from completing each task easily. Even though you think you know what to do at the right time, pressures from completing tasks on time could make game more challenging and interesting.

This game Farm Frenzy does not just help you to pass time; it gives you an opportunity to show your management skills, your timely execution and accurate judgment. It also tests your ability to organize your thoughts and make good use of them and showing you how you could have possibly put your world together if it was to be in reality.


I think it is a good game and it is worth buying not just for the sake of it but for what you gain to learn by playing it even though it is not real. Somehow, there's an instance of reality proved.