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OJOsoft - Total Video Converter

Submitted by sefarmer on Sat, 2010-01-09 20:44.
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Very simple to set-up & use, fast, effective, VERY good price!
(+)Add & (-)Remove file options should be somehow identified, but this is no problem.

This is probably the simplest conversion software I have ever used. It’s fast, and also uses very little computer resources allowing it to run in the background. I’ve used other conversion software packages that worked very well, but they usually have some form of “pre-setup” steps to complete before using them which could be difficult – this one did not – it was super easy to get started! Download and installation of the Total Video Converter was so easy, that anyone could do it! Once the program started, I was expecting that I would have to "set-it-up" as many other programs need – but there was no need for that. It was ready to start converting immediately. Just open the file(s), select Output File Name, Profile (export conversion format), and begin!

The “non-activated” version only converts 20% of each input file, but that gives one a clear view of the program and the simplicity of its operations. VOB files were easily converted to WMV, and WMV files were easily and quickly converted to MP4 & vise-versa. Other file types were easily converted as well. When converting several files of the same format, Total Video Converter will combine the final results into one file for continuous playing – very nice!! For conversion purposes, I would highly recommend this software package!


The Total Video Converter is defiantly easy to use, truly produces a good result, and well worth the listed price!