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Stylus Studio 2010 XML Enterprise Suite

Submitted by sefarmer on Sun, 2010-01-10 17:59.
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Very user friendly; LOTS of help available; uses few computer resources; very powerful program!
Limited to Windows; have to enter personal information to get an evaluation key via e-mail before using trial version.

The Trial Version of this program is fully functional for 15 days – which is a plus in my opinion! This allows the potential user full access to the program to truly decide whether or not they really need this software. For the individual who just “plays around” with XML, the Enterprise Suite will probably be a bit pricey. But, Stylus has also created a Professional Suite and a Home Edition, which would be much more cost-effective for the home user.

When I initially ran the program – after installation – I had to enter personal information (name, phone number, e-mail, etc.) into an “activation form”. Stylus then, e-mails you a temporary Evaluation Key for you to go back and enter into the Activation Form. In my opinion, it would be easier for the user if this step was built-in the Suite and could be bypassed.

This software is similar to a few other XML programs that I’ve used in the past but it is very user friendly, much more easier to use, and more advanced. Anyone new to this program should spend some time in the Training section found in the Stylus Web site to give them a better picture on getting started. Stylus also has TONS of help files along with a complete section with tutorials and demonstrations on using this software located within the Stylus Web site.

One point I really liked about this program is when opening certain “non-XML” files, it gives you the option to open the files using a XML Converter making it more compatible with other file types – very nice! The software also has Document Wizards that allows the user to convert file types. As an amatuer Web site designer, I thought this was also very nice! The software uses very little hard-drive space; it used very few resources; and ran perfectly fine on my “not-so-new” computer. Out of all the XML software packages and programs that I’ve used, I would defiantly put this one on the top of the list!


Any Web site designer should download this program and give it a try! It is a powerful, user friendly package that will allow the user full control of their XML projects.