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Daniusoft - DVD Ripper

Submitted by sefarmer on Sun, 2010-01-10 22:10.
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Very easy to install and set-up; capable of converting MANY types of files; reasonably priced.
Super slow when converting HD video; computer may need rebooting after installing to prevent freezing.

As with most other programs, you should first read through the help files before attempting to use this program. Also, many programs such as this one will run differently from computer to computer and these are the results from my system (3ghz processor, 1GB RAM, 500GB HD, Windows XP).

DVD Ripper is a very small program (~8 MB) and downloading shouldn’t be a problem – even with the slowest Internet connections. Installation was quick and simple, and this program is not a "RAM eater"! The program itself looks very nice and the controls are simple. After initially installing this program, my computer did freeze-up twice while attempting to use DVD Ripper and I had to reboot the system. Once I rebooted, the software worked fine. It’s possible that a reboot is needed for the program to work properly.

Testing some personal DVDs from my collection, I found that DVD Ripper works pretty well! “Ripping” standard *.vob file/files and selecting to convert it back to a standard *vob file only took about 10 minutes to perform on a standard length DVD. But, when attempting to do the same with the “Convert to:” set to a HD *vob file, it showed that it would take more than 24 hours! Too long for me to wait for a video! I would say that this program is super slow when it comes to the high-definition formats (although this time would surely decrease on a faster system.) I also found that while converting a video to a "Common Video" *.vob file, the result was corrupted and the final video was very pixilated and not watchable. This happened twice when using the "Common Video" setting. This software will also convert and compress video files so that they can be played on cell phones and iPod’s!

Ripping audio from personal DVDs was fast and a very good quality recording was produced. I was well pleased with the quality of the .wav and MP3s created. One VERY cool thing about using this Ripper, it allows the user to add effects - under the Edit settings – to the output video. You can crop the video to any particular screen size you may want, change the effects (brightness, contrast, B/W, old film, and more), modify the length of the video, or add a custom watermark to the video. Speaking of watermarks, there is one included in any video you try to create while using the trial version of DVD Ripper. Once the full version has been purchased, the watermark is removed from any videos, free upgrades are available, and you will have free technical support.


If I were in the market for purchasing a DVD Ripper, would I purchase this one? Probably. It is priced right and should provide anyone with a fairly simple to use interface that will allow one to convert pretty much all common video formats to any desired format.