EditPlus Review

Text Editing is a breeze with EditPlus!

Submitted by jerrymouse on Tue, 2010-01-12 20:51.
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The lowest price: 27$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Contrasting default colors for syntax highlighting, great search and replace, HTML toolbar, brace-matching
A bit expensive for general use. Have to download spell-checker separately.

EditPlus has been my constant companion for webpage developing in PHP/HTML for about two years. True that the numerous features take time to learn, but in the end it makes the work a whole lot easier and saves a great deal of time!

EditPlus is not simply a replacement for Notepad, but more than that. Writing codes in any major programming or markup language -- including C/C++/C#, Java, HTML, Perl, CSS, VBScript or JavaScript -- can't be any easier with the Syntax Highlighting feature of TextEdit. You can also create your own syntax highlighting template for the programming language you write codes in.

EditPlus has a brace-matching feature, that will keep track of missing braces. It will auto-complete any function name with braces, type 'if' and you also get '()'! Set your own delimiters by modifying the software preferences.

The HTML toolbar can quick-insert text/paragraph formatting/coloring tags. EditPlus also allows you to easily convert special ANSI characters into HTML entities. You can preview your HTML code or Java Applet, but this requires a standard web browser. EditPlus also has a built-in FTP upload tool for uploading HTML pages directly to your website. You can also open files remotely on your website host, and do a quick edit.

You can customize keyboard shortcuts and record frequent keystrokes and assign shortcuts to them. An accompanying editable Cliptext list contains uncommon characters that you may frequently use.

EditPlus comes with very strong formatting and search/replace capabilities. Open and switch between multiple files easily, or split your window to compare two files. The spell-checker can be a useful tool, but it has to be downloaded separately from the developers' site. One interesting feature is the ability to select text by column.

During the easy and fast installation, you have the option to add EditPlus to your right mouse button, allowing you to quickly open and edit files by right-clicking.

The current version is 3.12, and it can be evaluated 30 days for free. Single-user license costs $35. Given all the features you get in one text-editor, it is a good one-time investment for coders, website developers, and debuggers! For general use, I would recommend using open source text editors, simply google!


EditPlus is a wonderful text editor program for web developers and coders. The 30-day evaluation is convincing enough to have this wonderful piece of software for what it's worth!