CoffeeCup GIF Animator Review

Coffee gone Stale!

Submitted by jerrymouse on Wed, 2010-01-13 00:16.
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The lowest price: 30.6$
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Simple GUI, Separate Preview Window, Import AVI feature.
Little utility for price.

If I were to find CoffeeCup GIF Animator ten years ago, I would PROBABLY have some reason to buy it. But today, no thanks, at least not me!

Animated GIFs are quite out of the picture today, with Flash animations abound. GIF repositories contain enough animated images that are available for free, in case you need to fill up your spaces with cool, but not so large, animations. I wouldn't spend the price on CoffeeCup GIF animator for doing just that.

However, if you are designing animated GIFs on a regular basis, this may be something to look for, given you already have the images to go in the frames. For that purpose still, CoffeCup GIF animator seems too simplistic and coarse.

It has very few options beyond putting together component frames, adjusting the delays of each, and playing the previews. You can use image transparency colors, and even build a Flash .swf file. There is an option for optimizing your file -- pretty useful for images that need to be loaded fast.

One cool aspect is the 'Import AVI' feature, which allows you to take an .avi video and strip the frames, and build an animated GIF from those.

CoffeCup brags a bit about giving you the HTML code for the GIF, but there's not much utility for it. Putting animated GIFs on pages is the same deal as any regular image, and a regular HTML editor will do it for you.

In all, I will definitely put my $29 to better use than buy CoffeeCup GIF animator. Try it for free for 21 days (, and you'll know what I mean!


Buy this software only if you're designing animated GIFs on a regular basis, or better yet, learn Flash!