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Synchromat Review

Submitted by diglio on Thu, 2010-01-14 09:01.
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Synchromat is a new program for the Windows Operating System that will allow you to synchronize any data between PC's, USB's, Digital Cameras and much more with ease. No more file surfing and tedious work just to transfer a word document between your flash drives.

Within the Synchromat program, there are tons of settings and options that you can use to make your life much easier. For example, you can setup a timer that will automatically synchronize your PC with a flash drive everyday at a specific time. So now, there is no more need to worry about wondering if you saved your work from the night before or not because your computer would have done it automatically.

Also, Synchromat introduces a very powerful feature that will allow you to transfer files to any other PC that is on the same network. That's right. There is no need to save your documents to a flash drive, then put that flash drive into your designated PC, and then upload your file. Now, with a few simple clicks, your files will be transferred within seconds.


Synchromat is an amazing program. I suggest anyone who works with many documents to pick this up.