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Editplus - A wonderful time and effort saver

Submitted by calicoaster on Sat, 2010-01-16 09:42.
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The lowest price: 27$
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Pros: Light weight, facilitates work to be done faster by quite use friendly interface and hot key support, includes various features that help in improving code quality for programming language developers.
Cons: Costly, since not all features can be used all the time. Some features can be made pluggable thereby making it more affordable and usable. May hang if the compiler you've configured with Editplus generates large number of errors.

I have been using editplus for my coding work since past 4 years and I absolutely find it amazing. The best thing about the tool is its various color codes for the text. I've used the tool for coding in java as well as jsp,html, xml and web programming and in all, editplus proved to be extremely facilitative and fast. Apart from Editplus, I've also been working with Textpad, but certain features of editplus including the tree directory structure for navigation apart from the tabbed one (Textpad also has tabbed navigation but not the tree directory structure), option of creating and importing new syntax highlighting scheme, auto-indentation of the code etc makes it much better option for the language developers.

The ease with which I could set up the compiler is definitely significant. For developers like me who work on different programming languages and need a fast text editor for the same,which doesn't take too much of RAM and really facilitate the work, Editplus is a must. It reduces the tendency for you to make errors and ease up the job of fixing them there and then, rather than waiting to compile the entire code and then fix the errors.

The only issue is its price, since no one would use the entire set of features it provides, except for a few and for all that it is a bit expensive. Moreover sometimes while compiling the dependent files, if there are large number of compilation errors, then it hangs. (The only option that time is to end the Editplus process from task manager).


Editplus fits completely to the assistance of those who intend to work for developing software using programming languages, since most of its features are designed for this purpose. For others, I think normal text editors that come as a part of software packages can work.