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Airport Mania: First Flight - A simple refreshing game

Submitted by jerrymouse on Mon, 2010-01-18 00:16.
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Simple but cute GUI, less challenging in the first stages -- you might start to think that it's an easy job to be an air traffic controller
Planes make faces -- sweet!, good price, nice and simple rules

Reflexive Entertainment's Airport Mania: First Flight is a simple puzzle-solving game, where you play the role of an air traffic controller. The player has to use the mouse to select planes, choose runway for landing and takeoff, choose gates, refuel, and repair. Scores are in dollars, and you get paid two or three times if you can make a 'combo' landing/takeoff, for example if you land two planes consecutively on the same runway.

There are parking spaces to park the planes, if there's not a gate immediately available for unloading passengers. You can buy extra gates, planes, or parking spaces with your balance.

Once in a while a helicopter flies by, and clicking on it drops cash and increases your points. You also get bonus if you can make a plane leave early or disembark early. Planes with organ transplants will arrive from time to time, to which you have to give the highest preference.

The game is very simple with cartoon-like graphics. The planes make angry or happy faces and even whistles when they're being refueled. Now, that's really cute! The first few stages are not very difficult, but as the levels progress, you get more and more challenges to overcome within shorter time, and your airport becomes bigger than where you start from.

For $6.99 from Amazon, Airport Mania is a lovable game for mobile phones and portables. The addiction grows in no time!


Airport Mania: First Flight is a single player troubleshooting (or puzzle-solving) game. The graphics are nice and simple, the price is well worth the fun.