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OJOsoft Total Video Converter - The Perfect Solution

Submitted by wiseguy149 on Tue, 2010-01-19 21:44.
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Extremely easy to use, supports every option imaginable, low price.
Trial version only converts 20% of a file.

I can honestly say this is the best video converting software I've seen.
From the start, it was very easy to use. Installing was nothing more than the few simple steps of clicking "next" and it completed it's installation in under a minute. After that I launched the program, and it opened immediately, without even displaying the typical annoying messages informing me that I have not yet purchased it.
Once up and running, the program remains easy enough for anybody to use. At the top of the program are many large buttons with symbols and names for the format you want to convert to. After choosing a desired format you browse for the files you want and then click the convert button.
The conversion is quite fast and takes up minimal system resources, so it doesn't slow down your computer while running.
This program also includes more advanced options, while still keeping them simple and easy to understand. Right below the files you choose to convert is a dropdown list of settings for your desired filetype. The settings are quite easy for anyone to choose, with names such as "Video for YouTube" and "Apple iPod (Touch) - Highest Available Quality."
So I've established that this is simple and easy, but can it handle loads of settings and advanced options for the pros? Absolutely.
This tiny 16 megabyte program comes packed with the necessary codecs to convert to and from every imaginable audio and video file type. In addition, under the advanced options, the user is able to view adjust every setting associated with a video file, from Frame Rate to the Video Bit Rate to the Audio Frequency. You can even save your desired settings to a profile to easily preform similar conversions later.
The trial version only allows you to convert 20% of any file, so while it isn't really viable to use that converted file, the trial does a fine job of demonstrating how the program functions.


This video converting software is easy to use, does everything, and with a low price tag, is well worth the purchase.