Replay Radio Review

ReplayRadio is radio TiVo

Submitted by deputysalty on Wed, 2007-01-24 02:24.
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The lowest price: 44.95$
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Installation did not force spyware or any toolbars. Configuration was rather simple. Large Selection of Radio Excellent Stream & Recording Quality
Outdated User Interface Configuration needs GUI Pathetic Stream Player (uses Realplayer/WindowsMediaPlayer)

Installation: Hassle-free, standard-install, no special choices for installation.

Configuration: Very easy, though choosing a sound card may be a bit confusing for those untechnologically-savvy. There isn't much of a choice, choosing the sound card cannot be made easier than it has, though the GUI could use an overhaul.

Show Organization: There is a massive list of shows from which to choose from. I found my personal favorite shows quickly. There is something for everyone.

Streaming: Within minutes, I was listening to online radio in high quality. I was disappointed that the program depends on Realplayer or Windows Media Player in order to stream. I believe the program should have included its own streamer/player. I choose windows media player as the player, and there is an annoying visualizer that I could not turn off.

Stream Quality: There are many options (FM/CD/AM Quality) and I chose FM quality, which was quite sufficient. CD Quality and AM Quality were also tested, and were also sufficient. I could not audibly tell the difference, but AM Quality was close to real AM quality (no static).

Recording Quality: Excellent, recorded DIRECTLY from the sound card chosen. Plays in Default audio player of System. (.wav tested)


Over, the program does its job and lives up to my expectations. The use interface needs work, and the program needs its own stream player. However, it records radio shows and organizes them ready for burning or converting (mp3 or wav). RadioReplay records radio shows via internet in an effective manner, and left me wanting little more.