Dungeon Scroll Review

great game, but a bit behind it's time

Submitted by jaruba on Wed, 2010-01-20 15:03.
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nice rpg bonuses, informative, quite addictive, nice concept
graphics are bad, simplistic gameplay, expensive, no intellect needed

Dungeon Scroll Gold Edition is a game that surprised me with how fun and addicting it became in the limited time that i got to play it. The rules are quite simple, you get a limited number of letters that you need to form words from. The larger the word, the more dammage you give to the attacker.

It also has a limited time for each fight considering that the attacker hits you while you try to form the words. After each fight you get a number of hitpoints back for the next fight.

The thing that actualy makes the game fun is the fact that you get rpg style bonuses. One of these can be letters that can be used only once to form words that might or might not give more dammage too. It also has a number of upgrades that you need to choose from wich indeed gives the game an rpg feeling, although it could of been a lot more thought out in this department.

At it's current stage, it's more of a word game then an rpg, and more rpg elements would make it a lot more intriguing. None the less it's quite addictive considering the limited time you have to form words, but the intellectual side is not that well formed considering that you can just play with the letters until a button flashes telling you that it's a real word, but on a side note it does teach you new words while playing it.


Better graphics and music would bring this game in our time. But the gameplay and time attack feature make this game addictive and fun enough to love none the less although I imagine it would become boring if played for to long. With all that said, it's to expensive for a game of it's graphics and simplicity.