Age of Castles Review

Age of Castles review

Submitted by hassisin on Wed, 2010-01-20 16:03.
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Interesting random events
Bad animations, Repetitive, No real on-screen action

I will not lie. This is not a great game. It is something you play when you are bored, or not in the mood for flashy special effects. However, when these criteria are met, Age of Castles can make for quite an entertaining half an hour.

The background story is that you are the King that will try to lead the humans to victory against the dark armies. Oook! When you read something like that you automatically think of leading your army into glorious battle and crushing the skulls of your enemies under your boots. You won't see that in this game. This little piece of software is all about micro-management: assign people jobs, buy upgrades for you troops or for your city, and move on to the next land as soon as you complete your goals.

Speaking of goals. There are no flashy quests like "Conquer the Goblin Village and burn in to the ground". What you get is something like: Reach 500 people, 500 gold, 500 castle.


In the conclusion I will say that Age of Castles is not a bad game... It's just not a good one.