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Youda Legend 2: The Golden Bird of Paradise

Submitted by jerrymouse on Wed, 2010-01-20 18:09.
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nice story, challenging levels, music and graphics are more or less appealing
doesn't add much to the genre, you can find better hidden object games with a lower pricetag!

Youda Legend 2: The Golden Bird of Paradise is yet another hidden objects game, quite like The Mystery Case Files from Big Fish. You have to browse through cluttered scenes to find complete the list of required objects to move on to the next level, which may be a riddle, similar to Return to Ravenhurst.

The story is set in a tropical island filled with ancient Mayan structures and artifacts. Your goal is to gather enough materials to unlock the secret location of the Golden Bird of Paradise. On your way, you pick up bonus semi-precious stones which adorn the borders of your screen, and sparkle from time to time.

A Mayan statue head acts as the helper by shining light on an object that you have been trying very hard to find. But it takes time to recharge, as in any other hidden object game. Clicking randomly without success can cost you points and makes the mouse pointer go around in circles. Same deal as Ravenhurst!

The cluttered shops and scenes are quite vibrant, some levels can be very challenging with the objects well-camouflaged in the background. Many of the recovered objects come in handy in some scenes, and are collected in the inventory. For example a crowbar found from ascene can be used to open boxes to recover other missing items, or a brush can be used to clean old coins in your inventory. The puzzle/riddle minigames have excellent animation and graphics. These have enough variations to keep you interested.

The story is not all that appealing, it comprises mostly of static storyboards and text dialogs with background music.

In my opinion, Youda Legend 2: The Golden Bird of Paradise adds little to the genre of hidden objects games. If you are an avid player of these games, you may find it interesting.


Youda Legend 2: The Golden Bird of Paradise is a hidden objects game with riddles and puzzles sandwiched in between scenes. I would rate it average, I've seen better games for lower price.