Moon Tycoon Review


Submitted by hassisin on Wed, 2010-01-20 19:27.
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Variety, Cool graphics, Interesting disasters, Intuitive game mechanics
Graphic effects can sometime be tiring, Although it is quite comprehensive the tutorial feels very '90's like

Ok the title probably got you thinking something like "Alright, here we go again, another tycoon game". You could not be more wrong. While the concept stays the same, there a whole new flavor to it that makes you want to quit or job so you can play some more.

Gameplay is simple. Establish a base using a command center, then expand across the surface of the moon, while tending to the needs of your colonists and trading with Earth or other alien civilizations.

What I liked is that you get to choose how to build your economy. You can build a solid mining colony, start a manufacturing center, exploit peoples curiosity as a tourist attraction, or maybe become a high tech research station. It's all there for you to choose from.

Graphics are more than decent however they can be somewhat tiring. The random disasters break the monotony that can sometimes set in tycoon games by forcing you to rebuild.


Overall the gameplay if pretty solid making for a great past-time.