Shape Solitaire Review

Shape Solitare

Submitted by tipul_verde on Sat, 2010-01-23 19:12.
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- cute graphics - a true "brain-scorcher" puzzle - nice twist added to classic solitaire
- expensive - repetitive - it can become boring

To be honest, the first thing that bothered me when I launched Shape Solitaire was the fact that it started in fullscreen.
I found myself in front of a orange, circular menu with soothing music around me. My first impression was pretty good, as the atmosphere was relaxing as I prepared myself for a challenge.
The game is simple. You have a board of a certain shape and you have to lay cards on it. Adjacent cards must be also neighbours(you have to put 2 next to 3, a Queen next to a Jack), and sometimes on certain spots you can only put certain cards.
The basis is pretty simple, but as the game advances you have to be careful with your next move and plan everything in advance so you won't end in a dead end.
In spite of these features, the game offers little variety and it becomes repetitive and boring.
The only difference between the two game modes is the way cards become available, and the classic mod feel even more boring without the animations.
After playing in the two modes, as I always do, I went to the OPTIONS screen where I found a lot of things to set, from the difficulty, to the hints and background color.
Generally speaking, the game has a good relation to the user, a feature which is also felt in the game and also in the HELP section.


It is a cute game, with relaxing music and nice graphics. It's good for playing during lunch brakes or when the boss isn't looking, as an alternative to Windows Solitaire. Although the game mechanics are quite solid, and it can prove to be more than difficult some times, it's not a "puzzle game" you like, it's a puzzle game you play. It is an good game for those who don't look for a game, but for something to do.