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Synchromat, easy file sync with a lot of features

Submitted by timvdalen on Sun, 2010-01-24 11:27.
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Lots of features, while maintaining a UI useable by beginners. A pretty intuitive interface. Works efficiently, fast.
Uses pretty much system resources while working, and doesn’t release them until program exit.

Syncromat is an easy to ease synchronization application. It can be used to sync from and to the following types of folders: Windows folder, removable drive, network folder (over Windows SMB), FTP server, Amazon S3 file storage, file storage and Microsoft ActiveSync folders (portable Windows enables devices).
Not only is that list huge, it is also easy to access, even for beginners. The beauty of this piece of software is that it has a lot of features while at the same time it is easy to use.
You can choose between two way synchronization and one way synchronization, for back-ups and mirrors.

The only down side to the easy UI is that the advanced options are a bit tricky to find. I wanted to create a sync schedule for one of my jobs, but I couldn’t find the function anywhere. Eventually I noticed this function in the program’s ‘options’ dialog box, the last place I thought I would find it.
When I found the scheduling feature, I was overwhelmed. I could now choose between eight different ‘styles’ of automatic synchronization. In the same dialog box I found a way to edit the sync rules, apply file filters, a file version handling system and an error handling system, all of them very useful features.

One other good thing is the fact that you can choose only to analyze the job. If the difference between the sync folders is not much you can just choose to synchronize another time, if you’re in a hurry.

I know that $60 is much, but this program is definitely worth it.

After all, I can say that the best part of this program is the user interface. It has multi-language support (38 languages!) and for the people who are into that, it’s also skinnable. It will take you a while to notice all of this program’s features, but when you know how to use them this program will be of great help to you.


Great program. Bit expensive, but it is worth it. Only downside is that it will take you some time to figure it out.