Ant War Review

A Game for the Ansty!

Submitted by ashleys on Fri, 2007-01-26 06:47.
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Fun graphics, fast paced, great for children
Not ideal for adults, does not look long enough

What a neat idea! Who have thought to make a game out of the world’s most hated pests? The purpose of Ant War is to maintain your ant colony. Every day your colony goes out to collect food in places like a house, garden, or diner. An ant’s life is not that easy. Your colony will have to endure hardships, such as weather, and battle other bugs they encounter.

This game was not made for an adult; therefore I will not review it with an adult’s mindset. If you are a fellow adult looking to buy this game for yourself, I would strongly oppose against it. While this game is amusing, it is by no means a game that will keep you entertained.

I strongly believe this game was made for a child. If I was the age of five, I would go crazy over this game. There is a fast mode that makes the ant life fast paced and colorful graphics that will keep young eyes entertained. There is also words involved, which might encourage your youngster to read.

In my opinion, I would much rather have my children watch their ant colony reproduce then have them shooting bad guys and stealing cars. This game is simple enough for a three year old and entertaining enough for children up to the age of eight.


Adults should not buy this game expecting themselves to be entertained. However, as parents or grandparents, Ant War is a clean, fun game for children between the ages of three to eight. It is also not gender specified, but I have a feeling young boys would get a hit out of this.