Birthday Bios Review

Say Goodbye to Boring Birthday Gifts

Submitted by ashleys on Fri, 2007-01-26 07:32.
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Easy and unique
Not many template designs

There are so many birthdays of people I come up empty handed. The people are not close friends or family members, so they are not too disheartened by my lack of presents. I just would love to give them a nice gift that does not require me reaching into my wallet. The program Birthday Bios just may be the solution to my birthday problems.

Birthday Bios is a unique and clever program. It is extremely easy to use, as well. When the program is opened up, a little screen pops up. All you have to do is to write your first and last name, select your birth date, and pick a template. From there, the program will present a page with the input name and birth date along with fun facts. These fun facts include your birthstone, flower, and famous people who share the same birthday. It also includes popular newspaper headings, bestselling books, and best of the entertainment world for that year.

Birthday Bios is great because it offers a fast and creative gift. For a few extra dollars, you can have the person’s birthday bio framed or printed on nice stationary. This gift is best for acquaintances you are not so close to. This program would also be great for teachers so they can give each student a birthday bio. This program is easy, interesting, and one I have never seen before. I only wish they would offer more template designs and more customizing options.


The price may be a bit much for this small program, but if you have a lot of birthdays to encounter, it will be money well spent.