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Typograf, helpfull for writter

Submitted by muwmuw on Wed, 2010-02-03 15:44.
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easy to install,understand and use
confuse in the first time in use, interface without icon or an obvious tool for knowing font propertis,

i am a writter and i like write in my computer but you know this software is helped but the first time i have a problem but i can enjoy it :)

when I downloaded Typograf, i dont have knowledge of how to add fonts to my computers own existing font folder. After that downloading the software so,I decided to take a look around the actual program and this is what I found.

for some, the fonts included in Windows are all that's needed. Others, in particular graphic designers and the like, can often have muliple thousands of fonts to sift through, and having these fonts all installed at the same time can be a pain. That's where font management software like Typograf comes in.

Typopraf gives you the ability to compare fonts, and not just by viewing the one next to the other. You can let it screen your fonts and match fonts that go good togetter, you can do this for Font classes, Panose and even Metrics. You will never have an excuse again for badly mixed titles and paragraphs.


we only increase the type of writing that we can produce.