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Youda Camper

Submitted by jmintuck on Sun, 2010-02-07 10:36.
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Quite cute graphics
Learning curve Slightly cartoonish Only one "map" to use, no changes as you progress You don't actually see the campers

I tried Youda Camper recently. I enjoyed it once I learned how to work it. It looked very much like a campground may look after I "got through" with the campground.I really loved these type of things, where I was able to make a scenario and have some guidance to improve bad situations.

What I would love to see is a camper sim where you DO see the campers there.I was alittle disappointed in this.

It was somewhat tricky, like ,seniors would complain that it was "too dark" and you would need to place a street lamp. Sometimes, you are not able to make a campsite quick enough so you can "get to" the camper at the driveway at the top to stay. He would then drive off before the campsite was crafted.

Getting garbage cleared away could be a hassle as you can barely notice the garbage collecting up, untill somebody complains about it. You have to remember to place a parking spot for each campsite, or they will complain about parking in their campsite.


Average, with a learning curve. I do not know whether I would recommend it, unless you do like to simulate campgrounds and other such scenarios.