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Virtual Farm-Another Time Management Game from Alawar

Submitted by aragone79 on Sun, 2010-02-21 05:39.
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Same like others time management game, you have to catch all requirement in a certain time.
The main character has to do all works and absolutely takes time to see him move around, graphic quality is bad.

The Game cycle is simple, buy seed, plant the seed, watering it, harvest it, keep it in the barn, Sell the harvest or use it to fulfil the task or use it to feed your livestock, and upgrade your tools, barn, and your ranch. And all done by a single farmer character (you can imagine how busy he is).

As a farmer, you have to buy seed to plant your farm. Plant your farm wisely. Don't get greedy for planting 1 kind of seed only. Because every kind of plant has its own usage.
The interesting point is every part of the game play can be upgraded. But the upgrading value costs high enough to achieve and there is no pre requisite for every upgrading level. To get money for upgrading the part is by doing a quest or sell the harvested commodities in the market. And for to do the quest or job, you must have enough amount of money. That's wierd. In the market, you don't get fix value for your commodities to sell. Still, it takes time to increase and decrease your price to get effective sell value for your commodity.

Virtual Farm tend to get repetitive. The chalenge is only the time management. Facilites upgrading is just matter of time and money. There is no pre requsite for every tools or facilitation upgrade.


If you are a time management game lover, maybe you could consider this game for your collection if the price goes low or you get 50% discount from Alawar.