Betty's Beer Bar Review

Good for Light Beers Only!

Submitted by aussieditor on Tue, 2010-02-23 10:02.
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Amusing Graphics, Addictive Gameplay, Great Tutorial
Repetative, Hard for Beginners, Boring Sound Effects, Expensive

Betty’s Beer Bar is a not an overly original game, but certainly is worth trying for some light entertainment. The user interface is fairly intuitive and the game comes with a nice tutorial to get you started.

Once you get started game play is quite fun and a little addictive, at least at first anyway. The first level is a bit hard for a beginner though, and people who are unfamiliar with this type of game may become bored before they get any kind of reward for their efforts. The graphics and animations during the game are very much in the early to mid 90s cartoon style and are at times quite amusing, especially when the customers grow angry or drunk. This is probably one of the strongest aspects of Betty’s Beer Bar. The music and sound effects however tend to be very monotonous and are probably one of the biggest let downs of the game.

The storyline in “Story Mode” is a little clichéd and lacks creative effort, although the comic book approach to telling it is quite effective and reminiscent of many early 90s games that we all enjoyed.

If you finish the story mode, which may be unlikely if you are not a already a big fan of this genre of game, there are free play and time challenge modes to add a little longevity.

Overall the Betty’s Beer Bar is a lot of fun for the first hour or so, but is probably a bit pricy for what is has to offer.


Betty's Beer Bar is great for light beers, but can only offer a mediocre night out.