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SpeechOver Amazing Software!

Submitted by erdhee on Thu, 2010-02-25 19:53.
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You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
1. It Can Sync with Ms.Powerpoint (2004 Or 2007 as i know) 2. It Can make every presentation like autospeech by the system. 3. Easy to learn.
$299 for Speech-Over Professional 4.0/US English is too expensive i think :(

Sometimes i think how easy to make a presentation.. When i was in High school, i learn how to make a presentation with Ms.Powerpoint, but i must spoke to everyone to explain what i presented to them.. It will make me scared.. But not right now..

And now, i know i can make a presentation without i must spoken to everyone. Why? Because "SpeechOver" will spoke it to everyone..

What is Speechover? This is a Text-To-Speech Software that you can use it to your presentation on Ms.Powerpoint.. I Think, it is an amazing software.. Why? Because for you that you cant present something to many people, and right now you can do that..

With Speechover you can Add a Narration Clip, Create Subtitles for each Narration Clip, You can import another sound or you can record your own voice, And more..

When i see the screenshot about this program, i think it will be hard to set the voice to speech, but when i try this program, it will be easier.. Why? Because it sync to the Ms.Powerpoint and easy to edit anything..

If i compare the speech voice with the Windows Text-To-Speech program, the Speechover Speech Voice is better than it.. The voices are clearly..


If you want to make a presentation, you can use this program to speech anything about your presentation.. Then, you just sit back and watch it.. The System will be spoken anything what you wrote before.. You can set the Speech Voice too.. Also you can record that and show it..