Registry Mechanic Review

A decent job, but be careful what you clean!

Submitted by debranz on Thu, 2010-02-25 22:34.
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Easy to use
Not for the novice user

The registry in windows for those that don't know is kind of like the internals to how windows stores details of the software you have installed, how it should run and function, settings and hooks into the operating system amongst other things. Most non-techys are totally oblivious to its existence. However, we are all probably at some point to have experienced problems in windows that have been down to this registry, as over time it gets itself in a bit of a pickle!

One way to keep your registry in order, is to use a tool like Registry Mechanic to help remove old software entries, redundant stuff and fix invalid registry entries. This software does a good job at cleaning up the major registry issues and is easy enough to use.

However, one word of caution with this software and any other registry software, is ensure you first take a backup before making any changes, and don't automatically assume you can clean up everything it finds, as you may cause yourself some problems. I would not recommend this tool for the novice computer user as dabbling with the registry in any shape or form is a bit risky unless you know what you are doing and have some understanding of it. That said, you could use this software to some extent if you're careful to keep things tidy.


Good for a techy person, but don't recommend a novice user messes with their windows registry.