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Farm Frenzy 3 Ice age game Review:

Submitted by vardhan83 on Tue, 2010-03-02 00:30.
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Description of the game entices you to play the game
There is a Critical error in the game.

Farm frenzy is a time management game. The main character of farm frenzy series Scarlett travels to five different countries to manage farms, penguin breeding and jewelry making with a goal to become the president of the farmers union. She achieves this by earning the votes of the people she helps. There are 90 levels with 30 animals and 5 enemies. We have to feed animals, collect produces and manufacture goods. Well this was supposedly the description of the game.

But I never got beyond level 4 successfully. It’s not the difficulty which stopped me from achieving it but a critical error I faced at every level. It stops the functioning of the computer. Every time I faced that I had to manually boot up the computer.

At level 4 I had two choices to make. Either let the game screw up my system or quit the idea of ever playing the game. I chose the second one to write this review.

The basic System requirements for Farm Frenzy 3 Ice Age are Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7 with a system running with a minimum 700 MHz processor, 1024 MB RAM, 100 MB hard drive space and DirectX 8. It takes only 10 seconds to install and you are good to go.

I guess you need to be pretty lucky to play a level without getting frustrated with the critical errors. Every time it appears there is a suggestion to download and install the game update from the official site. I visited the website to check the game update but it never exists. Maximum time I spent on this game was 15 minutes including the entire boot up times. But I spent close to 2 hours on getting a solution for the error which never materialized. There are also lot of people with the same problem but I guess the designers are least bothered about it.


Farm Frenzy 3 Ice age is a big letdown from the Farm frenzy series as far as game programming is concerned. Alawar is offering a 30% discount on the game. But I would not go for it even if it is 100%.