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Farm Frenzy 3 American Pie game Review:

Submitted by vardhan83 on Sun, 2010-03-07 23:17.
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Pros: It’s a total addictive game with a rapid unlimited game play. Also has an endless play mode.
Cons: Might feel it as a scale down version after you play farm frenzy 3. Very limited number of animals to raise. Incomplete story line.

This is a game of fast paced time management. While farm frenzy begins in Africa and travels round the world, American pie as the name suggests stays put in America. It does not give much detail on the story side of the game. There are some details of ever increasing interest rate on the mortgage but does not give clear story line.

The makers of the game `Alawar’ has clearly not named it farm frenzy 4 because most of the aspects of farm frenzy 3 can be seen in this game. Not only has the transport system (helicopters and truck), the farm machines are also the same. The only difference is the predecessor going international, American pie stays put in America and instead of the exotic animals we have the robots to be built up.

As in the farm frenzy lineage you breed animals, catch enemies (grizzly bear), sell them off, gather products, manufacture goods and even dress up the bear and sell it.

In the American pie version there are only 3 animals and a robot to breed. Cats collect the goods and the dog chases away the bear. I really wished they stayed on the farm because they won’t come back to the farm after they chase away the bear.

The best part of the game is you can play at your own speed. If you need more points you can play the same level and gain it. Besides having 90 levels, the game is totally addictive. If you are an ardent time management game fan you might complete this within a day. The game also has a career mode and an endless mode (it really never ends).


Conclusion: Farm frenzy 3 American pie looks like the trial version of the original farm frenzy 3.