CrazyTalk Review

Not just real fun but a very handy professional tool

Submitted by vatsh on Mon, 2007-01-29 20:30.
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The lowest price: 44.95$
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nice and easy interface,pre-recorded sounds and images,easy navigation,easy for beginners,nice text to speech recognition.
requires lots of practice and involves higher complications for making images look realistic when they speak,computerized voice need to be more clear and more variations need to be provided,high price.

When i first heard about this software i was very much excited to use it. But as i do with any other software before buying i decided to read reviews about the product.Well i must say i found the reviews very much provocative.So i bought this software.Though it was priced handsomely at around 45 dollars but after reading some many great things about the software i just wanted to give it a try.

From my childhood days i had a hidden desire to make people speak things which were very different from there real nature.Earlier i use to dub voices and play it along with a picture of the person i wanted to hear from.Well a still picture with sound coming from the background gave me some childhood pleasure but it couldn't fulfill my desire.Truly speaking, when i heard about this software that can make any image talk,that childhood dream of mine had taken hold of me.Well thats all about me, now about the software.

To start with,it does exactly what it says,that is, it can make any image talk, there is simply no doubt about it,but the effectiveness with which you can make any image speak depends upon how realistic you want your image to look.Its really simple to use this software for fun and entertainment or to make a child laugh out loud but this software offers much more applications and advantages while involving high level of complications.

Earlier i use this software simply for fun,to make image speak what i wanted them to say but in due course of time i started realizing it full potential.Apart from being used as a child's toy it has the capability of being used as a powerful designing tool.It can be of great assistance in preparing realistic and stunning presentation.As an example you can use it to create your college or work related presentation in which your image will be speaking virtually what you would otherwise speak by reading the text, after all picture says more than mere words.Its text to speech compatibility make things even easier.Isn't this idea wonderful.

Till now everything about this software was going just fine but its now when the problems started surfacing.Creating a realistic and stunning presentation is not that simple with this software.It would need a lot of practice and would consume lot of your effort and time but the outcome will really make your effort look worthy.

Overall the interface is really simple to use and navigate.Software comes bundled with a large set of pre-recorded sounds and images so even if you are planning to buy a mic after you have bought this software you can still have a lot of fun with this software.In short its a complete family entertainment package as well as a powerful designer tool.

Since the price is a bit too high i would recommend you all first to use a demo version and only if you find it useful in your professional life, buy this software because investing around 45 dollars just for stake for fun is not a very good idea.


A complete family entertainment package as well as a very handy professional tool for making realistic and amazing presentations.Price is definitely a consideration.