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Never Heard of Typograf? It’s Time That You Do!

Submitted by VeeHaywood on Thu, 2010-03-18 08:41.
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What on earth is Typograf? Are you aware of the amount of fonts installed on your personal computer? How about the differences between an OpenType or TrueType font? If you are sitting in front of your PC with a blank look on your face then it’s time to bless your PC with a font organizer. Don’t let the unorthodox spelling or possibly pronunciation fool you, Typograf is a great acquisition for any PC.

So what is a Typograf? It’s one extraordinary 32-bit app that allows you to preview, manage and print TrueType fonts and Type 1 fonts. It can even be used for viewing font samples – installed or not. Font previews can even be sorted by filename, font name, directory, date, size, copyright, kerning pairs and more; including displaying font properties in metric, kerning and general information.

Typograf is also great at comparing fonts, printing an assortment of sample pages, organizing fonts in a database, and even grouping fonts which can be immediately activated and/or deactivated. What also makes Typograf a fan favorite for font fanatics is having access to a typeface tutorial in your Help File, equipped with typeface history.
Not to mention, also having the capability of instantaneously searching for duplicates; Control Panel shortcuts and Registry Editor and the use of a keyboard layout for every font.

Last but not least, Typograf gives it’s user the freedom of CrossFont; another funny or unheard of name that allows you to convert PostScript Type 1 and TrueType fonts from Macintosh to other PC Platforms. This remarkable feat can be accomplished on Windows, 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP. What this font organizer is capable of doing is unheard of; it would take seeing to believe it!


If you're looking for a font organizer that delivers on it's promises while creating a flare of enjoyment during use; then Typograf is it!