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Decent Little Font Manager

Submitted by cdanderson04 on Fri, 2010-03-19 01:12.
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- Lots of functionality for fonts - Low memory footprint - Easy access to most features through a toolbar
- The interface is a little too simple, graphically it could use some work - Help file wouldn't work with plugin for Windows 7 and Vista

This is a neat little program that you can use to manage, view, and backup your fonts. This is nice if you are into any type of web design or anything involving paper write up or documentation. For your normal user, it doesn't really do anything that you would really need.

First of all, we will take a look at the look and feel of this software. When you open up the software you are presented with a simple interface, but it tell all the information you need. Your fonts are in a list format with what each font looks like and sorted alphabetically which makes it easy to find the fonts you are looking for quickly. I find that when going through the fonts, it seems like it is refreshing a lot and a little slow. I would also prefer to scroll up and down instead of scrolling to the left and right, but that comes down to personal preference. You have easy access to the folder your fonts are in on the top of the main screen, plus a nice little toolbar for easy access to some quick functions like Properties, Compare, Print, etc.

On to functionality of this software. It is a pretty light-weight program and doesn't bog down your system, which is nice if you are using other image/text editors that are heavy on resources. The buttons in the toolbar link to the most used functions so I will go through those:

- Compare - Nice little feature to choose some fonts and compare them. It gives you a column list so you can see exactly what you need to compare the fonts chosen. Plus it gives you a lot of information about the fonts selected as well. It also lets you enter in your own sample text so you can see what you want to in the chosen fonts.

- Properties - Pretty much lists every possible parameter for the software. Personally I did not know there were so many different things about fonts. This is very detailed, indeed.

- Print - This lets you print the fonts you want in a variety of layouts to see what they look like on paper. Good way to not waste a bunch of paper on printing a document in the wrong font.

- Keyboard - I really don't know why you would want this feature, but it lets you look at the font on a QWERTY keyboard.

- Zoom - Brings up the selected font zoomed to get a closer look.

- Options - Lets you set up the options of the software. Some nice options in here too. for instance, you can change the font size and other parameters about the look of the main interface. One thing I really liked was that you can change what the fonts in the main page say in them options instead of keeping the default.

- Font Management - Like windows explorer but inside of the program that lets you rearrange you fonts. Nice little feature.

One thing to mention is that the help file is written for older versions of Microsoft Windows. You will need to download a plugin from the Microsoft website to view the help file in newer versions of Windows


For what the program does, it is pretty decent. With a few patches and upgrades it could be a definite contender. When it comes down to features though, this has it all. Nice little program!