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Font Management for the Odds-and-ends user

Submitted by Velikoth on Sat, 2010-03-20 04:14.
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Very quick and simple installation, easy-to-use UI
Slightly outdated (yet still compatible) UI

Typograf is a simple piece of software to help you organize, compare, print, and do just about anything with your font files.

The design of Typograf is centered around making it easier for you to install and compare fonts quickly and easily. For instance - you download a new font off the internet, but don't want the hassle of navigating around your folders in order to find a system folder which will allow you to then navigate back to the font. Typograf will find the new font on your hard drive and give you an option to install it right away - you don't even need to leave the UI window.

Another incredibly useful feature of the program (especially for me) is its ability to compare fonts. I do alot of random artwork, and having Text on art creates problems with trying to find the right font, the right size, etc. In Typograf, you can select 2 different fonts through a "Compare" interface.
Not only will Typograf allow you to see the two fonts side-by-side displaying whatever text you want in whatever size you want, but it will also create a table with all of the fonts information on it! Talk about useful - you can cross-reference the relative sizes of the fonts, the differences between capital and lowercase letters, as well as special characters. All of this info is displayed in an easy-to-read table, complete with colour-coding and other visual aides to help you understand the font fully. But the usefulness doesn't end there - Typograf pulls out the most arcane information about the font that you could ever need, right from the depths of the file - and compare them!

Finally, if you just want to get a better look at your fonts out of interest or profession, Typograf offers options to print out the Character-sets and view font limitations based off general data within your OS. If you are bulk-installing fonts off a disk or downloaded file, Typograf offers an easy installation interface to install as many fonts as you want - the same interface lets you delete old fonts you don't use! And guess what - at the click of a button, it will even tell you how much space that font takes up.


Overall, nifty little piece of software. Contains just about everything you could ever need for font comparison and examination. Who doesn't like learning a little extra anyway?