SuperBot Review

Really not worth the bucks

Submitted by avnish on Mon, 2010-03-29 21:15.
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The lowest price: 44.05$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Can supposedly download entire websites Support FTP proxies
Too expensive for amateur software not very user friendly

IF you compare Superbot with leading download managers like IDM, Superbot REALLY sucks. For example, an IDM window shows everything on a single screen like download history, jobs on queue and the mostly used options are already near the top of the window (Add URL..etc)

SuperBot sucks because all these things are hidden behind tabs and its a pain in the ass to click through several tabs to view things that could have been accomodated on a single screen.

Secondly,when you right-click and copy a link location from your internet browser, the link does go on the clipboard but does not automaticaally paste itself on SuperBot like IDM does. Worse before MANUALLY pasting that link,you have to select from a bunch of nonsense options of whether you wanna download a file,webpage or entire website from the 'common jobs' drop down menu.Its really a stupid thing to do because the job of a downlad manager is to DOWNLOAD not to ask the user what it is!! IDM does offer this versatality and all you have to do is click OK after the URL is automatically added in IDM.

Even worse, Superbot is not a software for professional use.for example it does not even show the download speed!!

The only good part is that it supports FTP proxies and can supposedly download entire websites


Go for some other software!!AVOID SuperBot.