XoftSpy Review

Do you think that your PC is protected with XoftSpy ?

Submitted by akram1 on Sun, 2010-04-04 01:52.
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User friendly interface, low resource consumption and quick start up.
Inability to detect various spyware threats, poor detection engine, rare spyware definition updates and inefficient LiveGuard.

XoftSpy used to be a great anti spyware tool in the past. The good old days have passed as XoftSpy failed to keep up with the demand for a better spware removal mechanism.

It's core detection engine has remained unchanged and support provided by the software vendors is slow. Regular updates are not provided which increases the risk of being attacked by new threats.

The Graphical User Interface is easy to use and forms one of the few positive aspects of this software. LiveGuard is inefficient and fails to detect many threats. Although the software vendors advertise that their product detects and removes most of the threats , XoftSpy was unable to protect me against several threats.

Infact , i tested it's capabilities by running some spyware on my computer and i was set aback to notice that it failed to detect the spyware even if the infected file was individually scanned.

Another positive aspect of the tool is the quick start up it offers. It consumes minimal resources and scans quickly , but it is not good enough to detect various threats that are highly dangerous.

The software needs regular updates to make it a ideal solution. It is not recommend to anyone as it fails to meet the standards and is not capable of destroying various threats which possess high danger level.

Instead , Avira Antivir or AVG Antivirus would be a better option considering the support and features offered by them at a better price.


It is not recommended to any computer user as it fails to offer protection against various high level threats which possess a high security risk. What's the point of using a spyware solution that does not offer complete protection and does not ensure your computer's protection ?