MP3 Doctor Pro Review

Simple But Significant Wave Doctor

Submitted by clickkarthi on Fri, 2007-02-02 08:19.
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Simple But Significant Wave Doctor
None that I can see

I have seen Many Audio Editing Softwares, Where they say that it will convert mp3,mid,wav,wma,wog but only some of them work properly. But Mp3 doctor As simply mentioned as Mp3 Doctor It is definetly a doctor for mp3 and wav files.

I just downloaded and installed it, nice design and good compatability like opening single mp3 file and its entire folder. The Single mode and Batch Mode was nice and i like the Batch Mode Very Much. Highlighting features of this Software is the Karoke, Wow man even thoug I downloaded it as a free version it was wonderful and my team members were amazed to see my karoke work. well thank you mp3 doctor.

I tested the volume normalizer, converter, resampler, equalizer and every thing worked fine and wornderful workd done. The Only problem i faced with this software is they allwed only 20 task . Just Kidding.

Finally if you ask me which is the good software for mp3 and wav converted I will blindly say Mp3Doctor. and not to mention its karoke work.


Nice Application with simple interface. Worth to have application like this.