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Finally WebDesign Made Simple

Submitted by clickkarthi on Fri, 2007-02-02 15:25.
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Finally WebDesign Made Simple
It would be greatful If it supports Linux

Handy Software for web designers. It would will be very helpful for people like me who dont know html. Every thing built in is user friendly. A very good features is that it has a image editor,I was able to alter the color and change the size easily.

When i was working with the table i found some difficulties in the beginning but as i practised it became very easy and my Team Leader said my designs where like professionals webdesigner, But actually i am Webmaster.

You can find it very easy when compared to frontpage and other editors. And most important feature i is like uploading the website directly to the ftp. I Just saw this features in Dream Weaver and High End Softwares.

One Of the drawback of this software is that there is not Linux version of this.Over all a very nice application with lot of updated features.


Over all a very nice application with lot of updated features