MP3 Doctor Pro Review

Simple but very usefull

Submitted by VCMethod on Fri, 2007-02-02 22:02.
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efective, ease to use
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I got to say that my first impression wasn't promising about MP3 doctor, i thought i wouldnt be able to do much whit it, cause the interface is ugly, and it looked very simple. But when i started using it, i was realy surprised how efective it realy is.

I mean it has simple, but also the most important, and most frequently used audio editing functions. U can normalize,trim,resample, u have equalizer, u can change tempo of your songs, u can put ID3 tags. And as far as karaoke function, i must say u cant aspect much of it.

I mean a lot of people who have no experience whit audio softwares may think that you going to have a clear instrumental on every song thanks to karaoke function, but thats not the case. You can use this function only on songs that have a simple vocal patterns.

If you have a problem whit speed, volume, lenght and other simple problems like that, u can fix them very easily. And the quality is great.


For this price its a good audio software.