Midi Maestro MM4 Review

Midi Maestro MM4

Submitted by Natesk on Sun, 2010-04-18 12:49.
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Midi Maestro is a real innovative software,dynamic and intusive in appearance and functional features.
Only with the exception of it failure to effectively control problems arisng from the virtual synthesiser thereby causing a few seconds of delayal.

Midi Maestro is a specially designed editing and sequentional(cue to cue) software professional made by an intusive organisation who are conductors, muisicans and sound software programmers basically for live performances.
It functions very well in genres like techno bands, worship bands, solo guitar and karoke.It has very dynamic characteristics like drag and drop, applying your own numbering or lettering to measures.Also it allows you to create your own songs in MIDI and audio tracks.You may also choose to import or record onto the waveform audio tracks.
As part of its editng tools are features such as insert, delete,copy,cut & paste.Talking about its enhancing tools and features; swaps, skip, fly,ferrmates and cola voce are no exception.
Moreover there is a track format system for playback mutltiple waveform and quick and sensitve response to tempo change.
However there is software synthersiser that runs these features on the sound card of your computer and because this program is a software and your sound card is a hardware there is always a slight delay in response to waveform commands between the play button and your computer speakers.Sometimes effect s proceed to slow the pc when it's not really compatible with the operating system.But on the whole with all its flexible dynamic and intusive feature you can actually enjoy your time as a DJ with this user friendly software.


This is one software worth trying with all its unique features with high conversion quality and satisfactory supply of music media needs.