Sothink SWF Decompiler Review

SoThink SWF Decompiler

Submitted by jsmos on Mon, 2010-04-19 00:37.
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The lowest price: 71.99$
You can buy it at RegNow for that price.
Very easy to learn.Includes ActionScript 2.0 support. Office 2007 "Ribbon-Like" Interface. Saving formats such as MP3's, BIN, JPEG's, etc. are supported.
It is very pricy at $80, which will turn most people are from buying it. There probably won't be any support for Adobe CS5 once it gets released. EDIT: They are offering a 50% coupon which expires on there sight until April 1st (though as it has already come and gone it probably will stay that way).

I am a flash developer and video effect designer who has used this and Adobe Flash CS4 Professional for a decent time. I first discovered this when I lost my laptop, and everything was lost except for the single compiled *.swf that I had saved on my external HDD. Looking around the web, I discovered this. Unfortunately, the trial version extracted everything but the ActionScript (which I was very amazed that it actually did that, and on top of it, it provided all of the ActionScript 3 source code which I could edit), so I had to purchase the $80 full version. It ended up doing everything I needed, and I could even save my finished project in a *.exe format for my clients who needed to open it but didn't know how to open flash files. The free tool included is a built-in SWF catcher for FireFox allows me to capture Hulu video files and then save them as MP4's which I can replay on my iPhone.
It is also great for pulling flash websites down and looking at there code and trying to re-replicate/redesign them if you are a beginner.
I've also used this on my own time, creating neat little images and editing YouTube videos because you can extract any part of the video and edit it.
And, unlike most freeware, it runs great on Windows Vista/7. I installed it on a machine running WIndows 7 Ultimate x64 and I did not have to run it in compatibility mode, nor did I get any random error messages. It is also supported for Mac OS X
So far I have not run into any need to contact there support, so I cannot really touch on that. It looked like on there website that they had a Tutorial Center and a Forum, but no live support like most websites have to offer nowadays.
They also have a cool affliate program in which when people buy the product you make a certain percentage of what they make.
I also tried out there one for Silverlight, which works just as well as the Flash one does, even though Silverlight has not been out all that long.


I would highly recommend buying this. It is very easy for most people to understand, if you get the Office 2007 interface, and it is a great lifesaver if your HDD crashes.