O&O Defrag Professional Review

Lots of Options

Submitted by modernsimian on Mon, 2010-04-19 09:30.
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More versatile than your average defragmenter, thorough reports, very user friendly

Upon downloading O&O Defragmenter V8 Professional Edition for Microsoft Windows, you will be surprised by the amount of options available for defragging your entire system. O&O offers all of the options commonly available with defragmenters such as your system’s Windows disc defragmenter or most other free downloadable tools available online. Surprisingly, O&O Defrag V8 P.E. includes many more in depth “job” option variables and personalized modifications than the most sophisticated software options out there. O & O Defrag V8 Professional Edition allows you to specify at which volume degree or depth you want to allow the program to work within, thus allowing it to fully or partially optimize your system. Another great option offered by O & O Defrag V8 P.E. is the ability to allow O&O to access hidden folders and files, further giving you a much deeper defragging process of your system. You will find O & O to be very user friendly and very thorough in it’s report information. All in all O & O Defrag V8 Professional Edition is a helpful tool for those of us interested in optimizing and reviewing very specific system processes and in need of a deep scanning defragmenter all under a very user friendly roof. If you want more versatility and control than your average defragging tool than O & O Defrag V8 Professional Edition is worth a shot.


Worth a try if you're looking for more control over your system defragging.