Gutterball 2 Review

"Gutterball 2" One of the best bowling games to date

Submitted by James161324 on Tue, 2010-04-20 23:05.
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The lowest price: 17.95$
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Fun, Simple, Great time killer, anyone can play it, 4 players can play at once
Price, lack of content

As an avid bowler in real life and a person who loves to play sport video games. I must say i really enjoy Gutterball 2. It combines the great aspects of bowling with the great parts of an arcade game.

The great part of this game is how simple it is. This is a game anyone can just pick up and play. There is little to no learning curve its a simple just push back the mouse and let the ball go down the lane. If you want a bit more complex throw you can control the spin of the ball down to the finest movement.

This games also allows you to play with up to 4 people. So everyone can get in on the action. Don't have 3 friends to play with not a problem. This game is extremely fun to play alone. It includes a somewhat campaign mode were you bowl against an AI controlled bowler. Which allows you to unlock new bowling balls. You are also able to upgrade your balls but throwing strikes which gives you points that you can improve your bowling balls stats with.

The only thing that is bad about this game is lack of content for the price. 17.99 is pretty high for a game that only has 5 different places to bowl. But besides that i have no other complaints


Gutterball 2 is the best game to date and i would recommend every one to download the trial and try it out for your self. $17.99 is a bit high for a title like this.