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Submitted by managopikrishna on Sat, 2010-05-01 16:38.
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It is really good game to the users and with special sounds and one more local ranking sysytem
But the game should be developed with special features for the great reputation in the games field

The game was really fun to play .it is good casual english players .the game was addictive and great educational purposes to using relief and happy for users with special sound effects

the typical board game to next interactive level is very comfortable for the user .But some games with same features with relative games with same game modes .it has local ranking system its because the students was dare to challenge their friends .But we have update more features to the game

some free games was available in the on line and its is great to the using of the game as a commercial one to please up date with special features for the great advantages to buying the game online and the games should move to between to the people


It is really funny game to play and its was to relief to hr of main purpose the game was ready to entertain .But should be develop with special features